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          The Henry


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          AMIL - Mrs Miles  kim.miles@staff.beaufort.hants.sch.uk

          ABEA - Miss Bean rachel.bean@staff.beaufort.hants.sch.uk

          ABAR - Miss Bartlam (Mon, Tue, Wed, Fri) stephanie.bartlam@staff.beaufort.hants.sch.uk & Mrs Saunders (Thu) julie.saunders@staff.beaufort.hants.sch.uk  

          AWYB - Mrs Wybraniec (Tue, Wed, Thur, Fri)  sarah.wybraniec@staff.beaufort.hants.sch.uk & Mrs Saunders (Mon) julie.saunders@staff.beaufort.hants.sch.uk  

          ASED - Mrs Seddon (Mon, Tue, Wed, Thur) alison.seddon@staff.beaufort.hants.sch.uk & Mrs Saunders (Fri) julie.saunders@staff.beaufort.hants.sch.uk  



          BHPH - Mrs Humphrys (M, W, Th, F) sue.humphrys@staff.beaufort.hants.sch.uk & Mrs McArthur (Tue)


          BMMA – Ms McMahon shannon@staff.beaufort.hants.sch.uk

          BBRU - Ms Bruins  jennifer.bruins@staff.beaufort.hants.sch.uk

          BKIN - Ms Kinch  Emma.Kinch@staff.beaufort.hants.sch.uk

          BMCN - Ms McNamara  Sam.McNamara@staff.beaufort.hants.sch.uk



          LHAL - Mrs Hallett yin.hallett@staff.beaufort.hants.sch.uk

          LDON - Mr Donaldson Stephen.Donaldson@staff.beaufort.hants.sch.uk

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          LMCM - Mrs McMillan marie.mcmillan@staff.beaufort.hants.sch.uk

          LWLN - Miss Wilson natalie.wilson@staff.beaufort.hants.sch.uk



          MSAN - Mr Sandercott jack.sandercott@staff.beaufort.hants.sch.uk & MrFarrell luke.farrell@staff.beaufort.hants.sch.uk

          MCHA- Mrs ChalkeSamantha.Chalke@staff.beaufort.hants.sch.uk

          MSMY - Mr Smyth matthew.smyth@staff.beaufort.hants.sch.uk 

          MNEW - Mr Newman Jonathan.Newman@staff.beaufort.hants.sch.uk

          MHOA - Miss Hoadley clare.hoadley@staff.beaufort.hants.sch.uk



          PWLS - Miss R Wilson rebekah.wilson@staff.beaufort.hants.sch.uk

          PBAL - Miss Knight Clara.Knight@staff.beaufort.hants.sch.uk

          PFRA - Miss Fradley  sarah.fradley@staff.beaufort.hants.sch.uk

          PHIC - Ms Hickman rachel.hickman@staff.beaufort.hants.sch.uk

          POFD - Ms Offord  Lucy.Offord@staff.beaufort.hants.sch.uk



          RGOL - Mrs Golding Lucy.Golding@staff.beaufort.hants.sch.uk

          RHIL - Mrs Hill anne.hill@staff.beaufort.hants.sch.uk

          RCOL - Miss Colebourn  emma.colebourn@staff.beaufort.hants.sch.uk

          RBRO - Mr Brown  ben.brown@staff.beaufort.hants.sch.uk

          RLAN - Mr Lane morgan.lane@staff.beaufort.hants.sch.uk



          WBUR - Miss Burbidge lindy.burbidge@staff.beaufort.hants.sch.uk

          WARD – Mrs Arding (Tue, Wed, Thur, Fri) donna.arding@staff.beaufort.hants.sch.uk & Mrs Gould (Mon) Emma.Gould@staff.beaufort.hants.sch.uk

          WBID - Miss Bidwell alex.bidwell@staff.beaufort.hants.sch.uk 

          WMOD - Mr Mordecai (Mon, Wed & Thur) mordecai@staff.beaufort.hants.sch.uk &

          Ms Gould (Tue & Fri) Emma.Gould@staff.beaufort.hants.sch.uk

          WWEB - Mr Webber stephen.webber@staff.beaufort.hants.sch.uk

          WFAR - Mr Farrell luke.farrell@staff.beaufort.hants.sch.uk


          Non-tutor teaching staff

          Mr Naisbitt, Head of Year 7 Charlie.Naisbitt@staff.beaufort.hants.sch.uk

          Mrs Taggart, Head of Year 8  Alison.Taggart@staff.beaufort.hants.sch.uk

          Mrs Briggs, Head of Year 9  Holly.Briggs@staff.beaufort.hants.sch.uk

          Mr Coe, Head of Year 10 Matthew.Coe@staff.beaufort.hants.sch.uk

          Mr Janes, Head of Year 11  Christian.Janes@staff.beaufort.hants.sch.uk

          Mrs Strevens, Teacher of the Deaf Alison.Strevens@staff.beaufort.hants.sch.uk


          Academic Subject Leaders

          Mrs Atkins, Associate Assistant Headteacher, Academic Leader of Science / Computing  sonia.atkins@staff.beaufort.hants.sch.uk

          Miss Gist, Academic Leader of English Verity.Gist@staff.beaufort.hants.sch.uk

          Mr Smith, Acting Academic Leader of Maths matthew.smyth@staff.beaufort.hants.sch.uk

          Mr Leggatt, Academic Leader of Modern Foreign Languages paul.leggatt@staff.beaufort.hants.sch.uk

          Miss Bruins, Academic Leader of Humanities jennifer.bruins@staff.beaufort.hants.sch.uk

          Mrs Golding, Academic Leader of Technology Lucy.Golding@staff.beaufort.hants.sch.uk

          Miss Colebourn, Academic Leader of PE Emma.colebourn@staff.beaufort.hants.sch.uk

          Mrs Seddon, Academic Leader of Music alison.seddon@staff.beaufort.hants.sch.uk

          Mrs Miles, Academic leader of Drama kim.miles@staff.beaufort.hants.sch.uk

          Mrs Wybraniec, Academic Leader of Art & Photography Sarah.Wybraniec@staff.beaufort.hants.sch.uk





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