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          • “高标准”

            OFSTED 2017年
          • “学生很高兴”

            OFSTED 2017年
          • “Teachers and leaders at all levels are enthusiastic and ambitious”

            OFSTED 2017年
          • “Celebrate difference and diversity”

            OFSTED 2017年
          • “Exemplary system for tracking pupils’ attainment and progress”

            OFSTED 2017年
          • “一个包容性很强的文化”

            OFSTED 2017年




          I am proud and privileged to be the 班主任 of 亨利·博福特学校. 该 young people of our school both humble and inspire me every day of my working life. Our school is a wonderful place for children to learn, where ‘Teachers and leaders at all levels are enthusiastic and ambitious.’ [OFSTED可能2017]


          At 亨利·博福特学校, we share an inclusive ethos which focuses on challenge, enjoyment and success for all. We are proud to be a comprehensive school where there are '高标准' [OFSTED可能2017] for all of our students.


          Central to any school are the students who make up our community. Our school motto, ‘骄傲,幸福,野心” 反映了我们“包容性很强的文化” 在这里我们“celebrate difference and diversity.’  [OFSTED可能2017]


          Our core values are centred on independent learning. Our students are resilient learners who take pride in being confident, articulate young citizens.  Our unique learning ethos and the impact it has on progress and attainment, has been recognised at national level with publication in the Parliamentary Review for Education.


          该 curriculum at 亨利·博福特学校 combines the traditional with the dynamic and innovative. Our personalised learning pathways ensure that students choose from a broad and balanced curriculum designed to guarantee access to higher education and the modern workplace.


          We have a five year plan of education for all of our young people and record opportunities for:

          - 文化资本

          - 职业路标

          - hbX 丰富/ extracurricular opportunities


          We encourage students to take part in enrichment activities in order to fulfil their potential, whether it is within sport, the expressive arts or as part of the many experiences we offer at 亨利·博福特学校. As a result, our school day is extended to allow students to participate in a wide range of opportunities. This is supported by a late bus service 3 nights a week.



          该 fundamental role that we play in the academic and moral education of young people

          Placing our young people at the heart of every decision we make

          ... 一个 ‘culture of continuous improvement’ [OFSTED可能2017] 

          该 provision of a school bus service for all of our students who require bus travel to school, “门对门” 

          Offering exciting residential trips to places such as New York, the WW1 Battlefields, Finland and Italy, as well as Ski trips and a whole year group camping experience. 

          Providing opportunities for students to demonstrate responsibility and leadership.

          Recognising and celebrating the success of our students at every opportunity.

          Recognising the value and importance of being ambitious in the right way, not at the expense of others.

          Instilling ambition that engenders self-confidence, self-belief and a resilience that when challenged, allows our young people to face the challenge head on and grow as individuals.


          If you wish to visit the school, please email us on admin@员工.beaufort.hants.sch.uk - we look forward to welcoming you to our school.






          Due to the Covid 19 pandemic we are required to restrict visitors to our site in order to protect our staff and students.  We would therefore request that you contact the school by email or telephone, in the first instance, if we are not able to manage your enquiry remotely we will offer you an appointment.  This will enable us to book a suitable room and ensure social distancing guidelines can be maintained.  In some instances we may offer you an online appointment, via Microsoft Teams, if no suitable space can be found.


          From September, all visitors to site will be required to wear a face covering.



          HANTS SO22 6JJ

          联系电话:  01962 880073
          传真: 01962 883667
          电子邮件: admin@beaufort.hants.sch.uk


          该 address below will be updated once Google maps update their source.


          HANTS SO22 6JJ

          01962 880073


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